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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Road trip and life's adventures

Oh my word. Life has been SO crazy lately! Since I last wrote I have completed a cross country trip, left behind the land of ever sun, moved into two apartments, and a thousand other things that my brain can't even remember right now. But it's been a blast! Here are a few pictures of our trip, and I PROMISE once life settles down a little I will get back to recipes, fashion, etc. 

Our Sammy Rue is the cutest little puppy ever - in case you didn't come to that conclusion on your own ;) 

2100 miles. Holy Cow. That was the travel time of only one day. Needless to say we were very tired by the end of it. 

Hope you are liking all of the pictures I've been trying to post lately, let me know what you think would make it better or you would like to hear about! :) 

-ciao bella! 

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