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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY Bracelets!

Recently I have started trying to get back into the craftier things in life. I have always loved creating things and there is always such a sense of pride when you finish a do it yourself project. Right now my obsession is handmade bracelets! I've been looking for some inspiration and here is what I've found :)

 I love this criss cross bracelet from I Spy DIY! {She has so many great crafts, you should really check it out} :) 

 This Chevron design is something just like I used to make in middle school!  And after reading  Honestly...WTF's tutorial it all came back to me, haha. Thanks for the great pictures and awesome tutorial! For the full tutorial you can go here :) 

This last one requires a couple extra items but isn't it great? It incorporates some chic with the chevron look. I love it. :) {I couldn't figure out who's picture this was originally so if I have not credited you I am so sorry, please let me know and I will fix it!} 

Once I get all my supplies (and find a little bit of time!) I'll show you my finished bracelets! I can't wait to do it! Hope you find some inspiration in these pictures and get out there and make yourself some bracelets! ^_^ 

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