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Monday, October 29, 2012

Cleanse - Day 1

Hey guys. Man it's been a long time. Whoops! Well life has gotten just a little busier than it was when I started this. I'm loving it, but I literally don't have a spare minute.

This morning the kids got school off because of the Hurricane. Even though we aren't in it's direct path there are still anticipated power outages and high winds. Better safe than sorry.

Anyway, we're doing the Cooler Cleanse again! It's day one and I find myself sitting her drinking a delicious concoction of sweet greens. (This is one of my favorite's of the juices) It is a compilation of kale, spinach, parsley, watercress, and apple. Delish! And I'm not just saying that - it really is good. I can't remember at the moment but I think that we have 6 drinks a day? Basically one every two-three hours.

It isn't one of those 'starve-yourself-till-you-loose-an-unhealthy-amount-of-weight" kind of cleanses because you really aren't starving yourself. You get about 1200 calories a day (in all the good things) if you drink every one of the servings. I usually skip out of on the 'milk' (which is usually brazilian nut or almond milk) and it is the one that has a lot of calories - intended to tide you over for the night. But that's just because I don't really like the taste. Haha. The only adjustment is getting used to not chewing your food. Which believe it or not, is really really hard.

So there you go. There is my lowdown on my cooler cleanse. It's great - I would highly recommend it. If you live in New York or another big city they probably sell the juices at your corner deli. If not head on over to the website and order your own! It's a little pricey but I think that helps to motivate you to stick to it. If you're feeling like a cleanse - try it! :)