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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My 'Skinny Girl Rules'

Hey Guys! So today I was thinking, "What is it that makes a healthy lifestyle? And what do I do that I can share with my readers?" Here are the things I came up with. I genuinely think incorporating these kinds of habits into your life will improve your mental and physical state. I hope you can try these things out and that they help you on your path towards finding and maintaining the best possible you :) So... 

1. Drink a cup of water every hour 
{If you can't do that then make sure
 you drink a glass before every meal. 
If you aren't drinking enough then you will be 
hungrier throughout the day
- so drink up!} 

2. One day each week go vegetarian 
      {Meat is high in fat and cholesterol
but also in protein.
Protein is something you need to 
keep your energy level up} 

3. Eat a real breakfast 
      {So many people think that its okay to skip breakfast
 and that it may actually help you lose weight...
Eating a good breakfast will kick start your metabolism
 and get your brain in gear for the day.
 Skipping breakfast also makes you much more prone to craving something you really shouldn't be eating, i.e. sweets}

4. Eat at HOME! 
{Not only does eating at home save you money, 
it reduces the amounts of trans fat and salt you eat, 
it promotes a more balanced meal than you would get in a drive through, and it helps your mental state. 
Sitting down to a meal you just cooked can be refreshing 
and gives your brain some time to catch up with your day.
Set a goal to eat at least 10 meals
a week at home} 

5. Eat your fruits and veggies 
{When you sit down to eat your plate should be
half veggies, 
and the other half split between protein and carbs. 
Make a delicious salad or steam some vegetables!
Eat an apple or pack a bag of strawberries
for a snack during the day} 

6. Don't drink your calories 
{This includes your gatorade, 
if you didn't work out for more than 60 minutes
 you are putting back into your body
 everything you just worked out. Gatorade is GREAT for endurance events, or workouts that were vigorous and you lost a lot of fluid from, but NOT great if you did a 30 minute run. 
Drink some water and eat some fruit or nuts instead} 

7. Have a splurge day 
{You can eat everything you want
- just not at the same time. 
Figure out what you want most and have that,  
save your other cravings for next week}  

8. Real hunger vs. Fake Hunger 
{Make sure you aren't eating out of emotion. 
I know one of the biggest problems for me is 
when I'm working on a project I like 
munching on something. 
So figure out the difference between real hunger,
and fake (or emotional) hunger} 

9. Go to bed 
{not to be all sciency BUT, 
when you get 8 hours of sleep your body 
produces a hormone called leptin 
this hormone is what regulates your appetite. 
It makes you feel full and satisfied after every meal. 
So instead of watching that extra episode of Grey's Anatomy ;) 
turn it off and give your body what it needs...

9. It's not about the number 
{We all stress about what that number is on the scale. 
Focus more on how you feel,
your view of yourself and your attitude towards your body} 

10. Be active 
{An active lifestyle equals a healthy one. 
You don't have to go to the gym every single day, 
you don't have to kill yourself running 10 miles. 
All you need to do is get up and move!  
- Take a long walk on the weekend
- Walk to the grocery store and carry your items home
Find what works for you to get you up and 
You're lapping everyone still sitting on the couch.