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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yes, Summer is coming...

Everyone is talking about getting yourself ready for summer, "Get that beach body you want!" I can sympathize because this is the time of year that we tend to show more of our bodies off, but why not keep your body up all year long?

Today I'm going to try to give you some simple things to incorporate into your life and some snacks that are delicious and easy to make!
This is what I'm not going to do - I'm not going to tell you to do 500 boring old sit-ups, or run 5 miles, or lift weights for two hours. I want you to feel like this is something doable and that you will see results after doing it. Because...

One thing that is so simple, and so easy to do is abs. You can be done with an ab workout in 5 minutes! We all have 5 minutes ;)

This workout is what I do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Believe me, you do this workout and you will see results. It doesn't take long, just perseverance. If you think what I list is too many reps, CUT IT DOWN! You know yourself and your body, there is no reason for you to hurt yourself by pushing too hard. Also, I've added some links for you if you don't know what these exercises are.

So here it goes::

1} In and Out - 20 reps
2} Bicycle with twist - 20 reps
3} Knee Hugs  {I do all my workouts on the floor so don't think you need a chair} - 20 reps
4} Hip Rock and Raise  - 20 reps
5} Oblique Crunches - 20 each side
6} Mason Twist {Since this is the last thing I do I like to push myself as hard as I can, but you can do whatever you like} - 40 reps {Count when your wrists hit one side of your body, not on both sides}

Now ladies, lest you think I am just making this up and spitting it out of my tush, I just tested the time on this workout. I did, in fact just do it in between the list and this sentence. ;) It took me 3.4 minutes.

If you feel like an added challenge, do it twice. Take a minute break in between the sets and then go at it again. At most you will be dedicating 10 minutes to the health of your body and self esteem.

That quote really is true, working out is proven to improve mood because it releases endorphins {which we know as the 'feel good' chemicals} in our brain. So, want to have a better day? Work out! :)

Have a great weekend guys, and I'll get you some recipes and snack ideas later. I think you're probably tired of reading my ranting by now.

Footnote: My fiance has a degree in Health and Exercise Science's so he always helps me with my workouts to make sure I'm, 1} doing them correctly, and 2} working out all the muscles in that area. He's kinda a stud, at least I think so. =) 

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