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Friday, April 13, 2012

Jessie's JoyJars

Hey Guys, I wanted to deviate from fashion and the trivial things in life (even though I will be the first to admit that I get sidetracked by them on a daily basis) to look at something that is a lot deeper.

Jessie's JoyJars is a charity that is being promoted by the organization Sevenly. The Jessie Reese Foundation is a charity for childhood cancer. You can watch a video here about Jessie and her fight with cancer, and also of her desire to bring light into other childhood cancer victims. So she came up with Joy Jars. Her wish was that every child fighting cancer would be encouraged to Never Give Up. Jessie lost her fight with cancer a year after being diagnosed but she did so much good in that short amount of time.

This week, is her birthday.

It is special not only because of that, but because every donation made during this week is being matched by an anonymous donor. I would encourage you all to make a donation or buy one of these inspiring shirts that reminds us all to Never Give up.

Below is an interview with Jessie's father, Erik Rees.

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