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Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Traveling!

Christmas Traveling Wardrobe Necessities

Dorothy Perkins pink sweater / Dorothy Perkins pink sweater / H&M skinny jeans, $48 / TOMS black booties / Black tote / Kate Spade jewelry / Marc by Marc Jacobs marc jacob / J.Crew j crew / Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible The Fascinating History of Everything in Your...

I'm sure all of us will be traveling during this holiday season. Some very important things to remember while traveling are 1) comfort and 2) cuteness! ;) Those Tom's are some of the cutest MOST comfortable things you will ever put on your perfectly manicured toes. Plus they give your outfit that little pop of heel that you need.

I always like to wear a watch while flying because I'm usually crossing time zones. This little beauty from Kate Spade is a great wardrobe staple goes with everything! Doesn't hurt that it's so darn cute.

Another thing that is a necessity while traveling is a comfy, warm, adorable, sweater. Both of these sweaters from Dorothy Perkins  are perfect for the job. They have that adorable little something extra that just makes you smile :)

Let's not forget all the bags us ladies need. That makeup bag? Yes, please?! How cute is it? Yes, I may or may not currently have an obsession with bows... And then you of course need a bag for your Vogue, your new favorite book, and all the other little do-dads to make your travel better.  :)

Safe travels my lovelies! 

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