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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Burrito in a Bowl

Hey Everyone! So this lunch/dinner meal is fantastic and super healthy! It's really easy to double or even triple if you want to have more for lunches (which is what I did). You can serve it in a bowl, or on a wrap, like a burrito, or any other way you can think of! :) There isn't anything bad in it and it's basically 100% natural. 

Here is what you'll need: 
1 avocado. 
2 roma tomatoes. 
1/2 bag frozen corn. 
Fresh cilantro (about 2 tbsp chopped and de-stemmed). 
1-2 chicken breasts. 
Lime juice 
1 can black beans 
1 cup of dried rice
**{extra seasonings if you want them - salsa, and hot sauce}** 

Boil your chicken and then shred. Start your rice, add salt and pepper etc. and also defrost/cook your frozen corn. If you want you can use a can of drained corn which works just as well. 

While the chicken is boiling chop up your vegetables and cilantro. 

**A little trick I use for avocados: Instead of scooping the fruit out with a spoon, peel the avocado with your fingers and it comes out completely clean instead of broken! :)** 

Once your chicken has been shredded as a little extra seasoning I put it back in the empty pot and add a little salsa and hot sauce. Cook that down on low heat for a couple minutes, stirring it often. 

Place all your vegetables in your bowl and add about 3 tbsp of lime juice, or however much you want until you think it looks juicy :) 

Then add your chicken and mix! :) I like eating it 'plain,' without any wrap or anything, but you should experiment and try different ways of fixing it and let me know what you like best! :) 

Hope you enjoy this recipe! :) I'll probably be having it for lunch again tomorrow! 

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